Friday, September 16, 2016

Effectively Guide Students with Apple Classroom

Individual and Class Interaction

Explore the Features

Teachers can now view individual iPad screens as well as the entire class.
  • View an all student iPad screens at once to ensure they are using the correct app.
  • View student progress live. Teachers can assist or redirect students when needed.
  • When a student falls behind, you can detect this immediately.

Teachers can now redirect student attention during class. 
  • Direct all student attention to a location in the classroom.
  • Lock the iPads during instructions prior to a task.
  • Face to Face discussions can be challenging. Locking the iPads can help redirect student focus.
  • When administering a paper test, teachers can lock the iPads to prevent distractions.
  • If an individual is not on task, the teacher can lock the iPad to have a discussion with the student. Once the redirection occurs, the teacher can unlock the iPad. 

Navigate refers to using Safari and iBooks:
  • Teachers must first create favorites in their Safari App. Once the favorites are in place, the teacher can navigate an individual or entire class to a website within seconds. 
  • Teachers can also navigate students to a specific iBook, a specific chapter of an iBook or specific page of an iBook. 
  • Both of the navigate options save precious class time.

This feature allows teachers to open a specific app and lock students into a specific app
  • In order to open a specific app on student iPads, the teacher and student need to have the same version on their iPads. 
  • Teachers can lock individual students and an entire class.
  • Guiding students to a specific app can be a fast way to get a student on task.
  • Teachers can also lock students into an app to ensure all students are on task

  • If students are taking an assessment through a specific app, the teacher can lock the students into that specific app. This is done through the "Open" feature shown above.

  • This feature is ideal when helping students learn to stay on task as you are removing distractions.
  • This feature is also great for tests given in a specific app. 
    • We are still working to figure out how to lock them into a website such as Google Forms, for tests. 

When working in class, students can offer incredible illustrations and teach the class. You can airplay a student through your Apple TV. If you have a code on your Apple TV, the student will be asked for a code prior to displaying their iPad on the screen.

When in a class, the teacher can create groups of students.
  • Ideal for focus groups
  • Great for organizing IE or Tier Groups
  • Great for organizing Project Groups

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